Beatrice Kamau

astrology  |  mystical  |  alluring  |  luxurious

Beatrice Kamau is an embodiment coach and host of the Self Love Fix Podcast. She helps women embody their truth and release their codependency so they can claim the abundant life they desire. We created a brand that balanced both her coaching skills and her expertise in astrology. Allowing her to have an identity that is more flexible towards her goals and future business expansion. 

services: strategy, branding, photoshoot, web design

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Beatrice Kamau: Embodiment Coach + Podcast Host 

"I had no idea I would attract a different level of clientele"



I just thought, "oh, I'm going to look more cohesive, professional, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye" but I had no idea I would attract clientele that are moving in the same direction of my own mission and vision. People are feeling what I feel just by looking at my brand.

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Before branding

brand photoshoot

after branding

to this

from this

web design


love note

"her work is unmatched "

Maria is an INCREDIBLE designer + a joy to work with! I knew I wanted a designer who would be honest about what's a vibe and what's not AND who would pay critical attention to how I wanted my personality to be expressed through my branding and she did BOTH and more. I'm a #maidengoneroguestan for life. Her work is unmatched + everything she says she's going to do, she does on time. If you love your biz, hire Maiden Gone Rogue.

- Beatrice Kamau